Building and flight report of Horten Vc from Engel Modellbau & Technik


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Everything began with an ad of Engel Modellbau & Technik in the concerned magazines. After a longer phone call with Mr. Engel, who willingly gave me answers to my questions, I decided: it must be this Flying Wing.

During the phone call, I was told, that I have to arise for a longer delivery time. But doesn't matter, because the winter is coming and during that period, I have time enough to build, isn't it?

As the parcel arrived, I was really astonished about the kind of packaging. A really great parcel, everything soft packed.

In your hands you hold a good finished fully epoxy glass resin model with a spar through the whole wing, bracings of plywood at the critical places, rudder hinges are finished as Elastic-Flaps, the servo boxes are finished in that kind, that you have a connection between the upper and lower foil. The surface with its details like rivets and covering is uncredible.

As accesory the follwing parts are added:
2 motor mounts in ABS incl. mill drilled motor formers, 2 rudder horns in epoxy glass resin mill drilled, a balancing tool for positioning the centre of gravity(CG), 1 balsa sheet and 0,8 mm plywood for the canopy lock. All the parts are packed in a separate little plastic bag. Not to forget the detailed building instruction with many useful hints.

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